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Posh Enforcers is headed by Adv. Deepak G Bhatnagar, who specialises in woman-related issues. Adv. Deepak has seen injustice being done to woman, ever since they are minors. Whether it is in the corporate sphere, BPO’s or in society itself, women are discriminated against and often succumb to injustice.

About Us

The Vishaka case deals with a single incident of the suppression and exploitation of women. However, regrettably, most instances go unreported and so remain buried away. Posh Enforcers are engaged in a perpetual fight against such acts of brutality and injustice against women.

Whether it is bigamy, stalking, acid violence, sexual harassment, outraging the modesty of women, assault, rape, human trafficking, morphing of images or pornography, woman are always at the receiving end. Add to that forced and illegal signatures on property documents and blatant cheque-bouncing and you find that the list of crimes against women is endless.

All these acts of injustice touched a responsive chord in Adv. Deepak and so he has dedicated himself to the betterment of the lot of women in general.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act (2013), or the “Posh Act (2013)” as it is most often referred to,  calls for the setting up of an Internal Complaints Committee in each company in order to take up cases of sexual harassment at the workplace. Posh Enforcers helps companies to comply with the Act, conduct inquiries and award punishments in accordance with company policies. In order to prevent the misuse of the Posh Act, Posh Enforcers also defends the accused and has done so successfully on numerous occasions.

COURTS OF PRACTICE: High Court, Sessions Courts, District Courts and all other Courts

To sum up, our Posh-related activities include

POSH compliance

We look into POSH-compliance matters and draft policies, as per the laws currently in force.

Setting up of ICC’s

We help set up, guide and form part of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), Details of the ICC have to be mentioned in the annual report.

POSH Training

We provide POSH legal training, which is mandatory for all corporate entities.

Reduction of Stress

We reduce stress for senior corporate management on matters pertaining to Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

ICC Proceedings

We help conduct inquiries and recommend befitting punishments for erring employees.

Defence of the Innocent

We also defend the innocent. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Our other Areas of Expertise

Cyber Crime is possibly the fastest growing and most dangerous form of crime in modern times. It involves malpractices linked to the Internet, such as bank frauds and the hacking of accounts, misappropriation of funds, stealing of data, phishing scams, website spoofing, ransomeware, malware, email frauds, social media frauds, cyber espionage, identity theft, clickjacking and spyware among innumerable kinds of illegal activities. Sadly enough, pornography and the morphing of images, accompanied by blackmail are also on the increase.

We help provide the best and most efficient means of redressal against Cyber Crimes.

We deal with all kinds of matrimonial issues ranging from separation to divorce and child custody matters, maintenance and alimony. Going through a divorce or any of its accompanying proceedings can be a harrowing experience and it is best to get over with it and move on with one’s life. We provide clients with guidance and legal expertise to help put the past behind them and to welcome a fresh tomorrow with all the potentialities that it has to offer.

Posh Enforcers has considerable experience in dealing with matters related to property disputes, RERA, conveyancing and the transfer of property. We provide all these services under one roof. We guide clients through the entire process of land and property acquisition, sale and transfer.

We represent our clients in Arbitration and Conciliation proceedings in matters related to loans, public services, banking, property disputes, etc. By preparing representations and coordinating proceedings, we help provide speedy justice through the medium of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996.

We handle matters related to Intellectual Property Rights, such as Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and Trade Secrets. Clients are assured of confidentiality in this area where secrecy is of paramount importance.

We have been in the field of Handwriting Analysis for the past 25 years.The handwriting and signature of a person reveals over 5,000 charactertraits. For example, we can discover and ascertain who an individual is and how he thinks, feels and behaves. This can provide leads to the identity of the actual perpetrator of an offence. In other words, handwriting is a faithful echo of an individual’s personality.

Handwriting reports are submitted to the court for the following reasons:

  • Handwriting analysis and comparison
  • Signature verification and detection of forgeries
  • Examination of documents
  • Detection of frauds
  • Character analysis

Posh Enforcers is headed by Adv Deepak G Bhatnagar, who specialises in woman-related issues. Adv. Deepak has seen injustice being done to women, ever since they are minors.

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